This is a demo project for 'Arcade Vehicle Controller', a Unity Asset which helps you create any vehicle with a fun arcade-y feel. It includes a builder editor for quick and easy creation of your vehicles.

(Demo of v1.19.0 - updated 10/08/2021)

Available for purchase on Itch and the Unity Asset Store.

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[PC Demo]


Arcade Vehicle Controller from Enigma 23 is a simple asset suitable for use to create any type of vehicle – car, hover car, motorbike, boat. The customizable arcade-y feel to the vehicles gives a fun, satisfying, player experience to your vehicles.

 Included is a Vehicle Builder editor window, which allows you to setup a new vehicle in seconds! Just link the required objects and fill in the details, press a button and you’ve got your new vehicle!

 The values for a vehicle (speed, turning, drifting, etc.) are saved in a ScriptableObject, meaning you can re-use the same values for hundreds of different vehicles, and only have to tweak them in 1 place.

 Also included, are examples of how to interact with the vehicle controller for player input and AI.

Use the vehicle builder to create a new vehicle in seconds.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars